And the award goes to…

Theydies and Gentlethems, thank you for joining us on this most magical of news post! The jury has conferred, the votes have been tallied, and we are finally ready to announce the 2022 People’s Choice Awards, Jury Choice Awards, and the Foundation Award.

Every year at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, over a thousand entries are meticulously sifted through and considered to create the show presented on our walls. We adore and celebrate all of our artists. These pieces, however, caught the particular attention of our jury and attendees. Selections are based on the following criteria: execution, emotions elicited, subject matter, the ability to spark conversations, and an undefinable je ne sais quoi.

The 2022 People’s Choice Awards

Our fantastic attendees cast 4,749 votes for this year’s People’s Choice Awards! Festival attendees received 3 tickets (with an extra ticket given to art buyers) and were given the opportunity to place their tickets in ballots that matched each piece of visual art in the exhibition. It was a very close race this year – so close that we are presenting the People’s Choice Award to FIVE artists instead of the usual three.

Eureka by Andrew Prince

“Visualizing a project, particularly a challenging one, and seeing it come together is one of my greatest joys. My current passion is combining lifecasts, sculpture, and painting. I am drawn to the avant-garde, useful art objects, as well as reflections of tradition work. My inspirations are Dali, Da Vinci, and my wandering mind.”

Resilience II by Dave Clay

“My work depicts the human figure aiming to engender emotional interpretations from the viewer’s own experiences. The figures remain ​​open to interpretation for the viewer to create their own relationships ​through empathic gestures, poses, and abstract elements. I believe the viewer brings their own vital personal connections to the art.”

The little bird by Bontes Divines

“I’m a Canadian illustrator, I create imaginary excerpts of erotic comics. These excerpts suggest there is a before and an after. I let the people imagine what it is (but I have my own idea ;o). I started those beginning 2019 on Instagram @et_eurent_bcp_de_plaisir and noticed my work seems to be appreciated by more people than expected.”

Greediness by Nelli Varavva

Nelli was born in the Russian pagan town, Yoshkar-Ola, in 1986. There came a time when she sought new adventures, and she found her way to San Francisco, USA, where she continues to live. Californian culture reignited Nelli’s passion for fine art. Today, Nelli’s paintings can be seen on the walls of American and international collectors.

Check Yourself Out by Jordan Hill

Arizona artist Jordan Hill is a digital pop and pinup artist. He always strives to make something he hasn’t seen before, playing a huge factor into the weird, bright, and sometimes ridiculous way his art looks. You’ll find yourself studying his pieces in-depth and getting lost in the world each piece creates. He loves bold colors and isn’t afraid to make them harmonize or clash. He insists on getting your attention at a glance and keeping it with the details. He is fascinated by consumerism, pop culture and the absurd. Most of his art is fueled by nostalgia, parody, playfulness and getting a laugh out of the viewer.

The 2022 Jury’s Choice Awards

As if it is not difficult enough for the jury to carefully consider all submitted art art and make the hard decisions about what will be included in the festival for the year, we also demand that they walk through the exhibition and choose the three pieces that spoke most strongly to them and best represented the qualities the jury was looking for.

Sublimation by Theo Polymorphos

“As a queer painter and draftsman, my work explores themes of ecstasy, initiation, and metamorphosis through nature, myth, and dream. More specifically, my erotic works focus especially on BDSM and the subtle play of light across the male form.”

Schmekel (Self-Portrait) by Isaac V.

“I am a Trans & Queer artist originally from Oakland, California. I’m in love with the beauty of the outdoors, trans & queer bodies, and the night sky.”

The 2022 Foundation Award

Each year the Festival purchases one piece of art to add to the Pan Eros Foundation’s permanent collection. The Pan Eros Foundation’s mission is to cultivate and celebrate sexuality. The Foundation’s collection is on a rotating display in Gallery Erato, located at 309 1st Ave S in historic Pioneer Square. Visit the Gallery to enjoy SEAF-caliber art every Thursday noon to 6pm.

Love Day Papercuts by Rebeca Soto

Rebeca Soto is a Queer Chicana erotic illustrator from Chicago. Her mixed media art unapologetically celebrates the sexual liberation of BIPOC through the queer femme gaze. Intimate moments and sensual spectrums take shape through her digital dreamscapes, painted portraits and full color stories.

We invite you to visit these artists’ websites to see more of their work. Remember that some of their work or websites may be NSFW. Really, just count on that.

Thank you again for your participation, and hope to see you at SEAF 2023, April 21, 22, and 23!