An Effective Exhibition

Art Docent at sales table

With less than a week left to submit to the 2018 Seattle Erotic Art Festival, we thought we should take a moment to entice those of you still on the fence about submitting with the effectiveness of our exhibition. One of the main elements of our mission is to facilitate the enjoyment and purchase of erotic art. Let us tell you about the ways we put art sales to the forefront of the festival.

Art Docents

The Art Docents, who wear the white scarves and are always on site during festival hours, work amazingly hard at helping your art find new homes. Our Art Docents always sell at least 28% of our exhibition art. Last year they sold 30%, and in 2013 they set a record of sending 33% of all exhibition art home with patrons. They make our festival the most productive for artists of any erotic art show. How do they accomplish this? They are always available to answer questions and easily recognizable because of their white scarves.

Big Red Ladder

Last year, SEAF alumni Mariah Carle, designed an interactive piece or art that would commemorate each art sale. A big, red ladder is draped in as many white light bulbs as there are pieces of art for sale. Each time someone purchases a piece from the exhibition, a red bulb replaces a white one. Over the course of the weekend, the amount of red light grows, indicating growing art sales. This installation acted as a catalyst to many conversations about art purchases. We are constantly looking for fun ways to encourage patrons to become art owners.

Mariah Carle changing a bulb on Big Red Ladder

A Museum Quality Gift Shop

Our festival store sales are even higher and are the perfect way for artists to move prints, cards, shirts, or other merchandise. Our store is a great place to sell prints that compliment your exhibition pieces. Literary authors take note that the festival store is a great place to showcase your other books, too!

If you have questions, check our FAQs to hopefully find the information you need. If your answers can’t be found there, you can contact our Artist Liaison.

Once you have all your questions answered, head on over to our Artist’s Portal and make sure you submit that sexy art!

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