Get to know the 2024 Literary Artists

Hello most erudite and epicurean of art lovers! We’re pulling out the fancy words today, because today is all about fancy words. And sexy words. And charming words. Just words in general. Well, more accurately, it is about those fantastic wordsmiths who bravely offered up their creations for the 2024 Seattle Erotic Art Festival Literary Anthology. We would love for you to take some time and become familiar with the 2024 Literary Artists.

From across the US, across the pond, and even Down Under, these writers shared with us their visions of eroticism, sexuality, and a gamut of emotions. It is our great honor to present the literary artists who heeded our call to answer the question, “What is erotic?”


7 loves writing, editing, singing, impact play, oxford commas, & sexy humans. Sometimes ve does 2 or more of these simultaneously. Ve is a fan of neopronouns and deep conversations. 7 has declared verself the 7th worst guitarist in the world, & welcomes challenges to vis title. Rumours that 7 ate 9 are somewhat exaggerated — it was just a hickey.

August WA, USA

August has been writing in various forms since elementary school. In addition to creative writing, he enjoys reading, drawing, gardening, and going for long, long walks while listening to familiar music.


B is your friendly neighborhood (& ethical) pervert from Chicago. Her journey of eroticism has taken her on adventures of self exploration, discovery and empowerment through poetry, modeling, and the co-creation of a creative collective called KinkySexyKool that’s centered around BIPOC eroticism with her pervert in crime, Lee Honey.

Bill Wolak NJ, USA

Bill Wolak is a poet, collage artist, and photographer who has just published his eighteenth book of poetry entitled All the Wind’s Unfinished Kisses with Ekstasis Editions. He was a featured artist in the recent art book Best of Erotic Art (London, 2022).

Clea Salar CO, USA

Clea Salar is a bi femme writer and specialist in all things fantastic. Her works are inspired by folk and fairy tales, and years of geekery. She currently lurks in the shadow of a mountain, where she crafts stories of a decidedly saucy nature. She likes chai, tiny cakes, and the Oxford comma.

The Dowager of Bees RI, USA

The Dowager of Bees is a touch slut, an ex-theist who still loves to worship. Their poems explore body shame, and celebrate the body and intimacy.

Emilia Swanberg WA, USA

Emilia Swanberg is an artist heavily inspired by Greek mythology, folkloric monsters, and the macabre. Her experience coming out as lesbian in a heavily conservative Christian community led her to explore the strange and often sensual ideas behind what disturbs us. She currently resides in Tukwila, Washington.

Epona Rose WA, USA

Epona Rose is an animystic, wordsmithing, neuroqueer, supermama verge witch devoted to the erotic connection between Soma and Ecos, lover of all, Master of one.

ferventfilth WA, USA

Often found on the floor, the muse for these writings is her Dominus (DominusRavenWolf) and the words representative of her experiences and reflections of submission, degradation, and the authenticity found in “playing” on the edge with him – and the dynamic and trust that surrounds it.

Geo Huntress WA, USA

Geo Huntress is a Seattle artist, priestess, mother, wife, friend, mystery. She was born and raised here, and is inspired by the landscape and waters of the Puget Sound.

Gigi Feril NV, USA

Originally from the Bay Area, CA, Gigi made their home in Sin City.

Isis Zystrid WA, USA

Isis Zystrid is a poet who lives in Shoreline, Washington with her husband and house plants. She enjoys underwater basket weaving and getting caught in the rain.

J.M. Pitman WA, USA

J.M. Pitman is a genre fiction writer known for suspense and atmosphere. This work represents their first foray into the realm of erotic fiction. A native of the Pacific Northwest, she spent nearly ten years in Los Angeles before moving back to the Seattle area. Their mundane life includes an interest in animals, science, and horror.

Jason Haaf NY, USA

Jason Haaf is a writer and visual artist from Brooklyn, NY. His debut novel, Harsh Cravings debuted in 2022, published by Polari Press. He believes in unruly perspectives and strong beginnings on paper and film.

Jessica Sokol WA, USA

She has been a daughter, friend, sister, artist, musician, girlfriend, Christian, wife, assistant, witch, dancer, student, female, soldier, warrior, widow, colleague, mother, queen, seer, counselor, teacher, and chief. She is all of these and none of these.

John Nedwill United Kingdom

An Irishman living abroad. Probably born in the wrong century, but has managed to survive so far. Tabletop gamer and person who writes for the fun of it. Helps to run two writers groups – one online, one in the real world. Tries to lead an analogue life. Enjoys calligraphy, bookbinding and foraging in the countryside around his home.

Kari Kolibri WA, USA

Karie Kolibri is a Seattle-area author of romance and erotica for women and other feminine identities. Owning her story as a trans woman, and autistic woman, and a survivor of domestic and sexual violence is the fuel that drives her tales of fantastic transformation, taboo desires, and feeling confident in your inner power.

Kerry Cox WA, USA

Self-published Seattle poetess and spoken word performer, founder of Floating Mountain Poets.

Lee Honey IL, USA

Lee Honey is an artist and active member of the Chicago kink/BDSM lifestyle since late 2019. Lee has published a number of written works including being a contributor to Seattle Erotic Art Festival’s 2023 Literary Anthology. She’s sold art at 2023’s Dirty Detroit Art Show, and is a co-host for a local erotic storytelling event.

Leo Sparx WA, USA

Leo Sparx is an award-winning author of sexy queer stories often inspired by classic tales and the macabre. He lives in Seattle with his boyfriend, bulldog, and hairless cat.

Megan Landon TX, USA

Megan Landon writes fantasy and sci-fi romance and erotica. Her stories are inspired by nature, science, language, her roots, and magic. She loves playing with the nuance between light and dark, magic and reality, and truth and fiction. She has a PhD in linguistics. Her erotic flash fiction has appeared in Bust Magazine.

Micah BlackLight OR, USA

Micah BlackLight can be described as a volcanic, artistic force of Nature’s creation bursting with perpetual enthusiasm. A multi-media, multi-dimensional artist, he delights in detonating spirits by embodying safe spaces, & leaving intentionally empowering experiences to litter his wake like a spirit boat on the lake of existence.

Mk Rhaff Australia

MK Rhaff is a genderqueer writer, organiser and kinkster. They are a switchy pervert who loves playing with pain and power and bringing that pleasure to life on the page. MK delights in reading and writing queer kinky trans smut and being part of and uplifting the queer writing community.

Nat Oleander Smith WA, USA

Nat Oleander Smith is a writer, photographer, and artist living on occupied Duwamish land (colonially known as Seattle, WA). They are a queer, genderfluid creative and coach whose work encompasses intimacy, embodiment, and reclaiming self from kyriarchy. Nat’s erotic art and poetry can also be found on onlyfans @selfiesbynat.

Ophir Reader WA, USA

Ophir Reader is a writer in the Pacific Northwest. Ophir is a passionate believer in the power of words – written and spoken — to unlock imagination and desire. This is Ophir’s seventh year in the SEAF Anthology. Ophir welcomes feedback and connections, and can be contacted via Fet or other social media.

Quantum Tease, PhD WA, USA

Quantum Tease, PhD — you can call them Dr. Tease — is a Seattle-based writer who often combines comedy, science, and poetry in their creations. Their work draws from observations of navigating through life as an awkward nerd with a dirty mind.

Röble CA, USA

A studio artist, community organizer and healthcare advocate. They discovered ceramics 6 years ago with a class at community college and ultimately fell in love. Their exploration of ceramic and craft has continued through an intentional lens rooted in the reclamation of self as mestizo, latinx, and queer identities.

RK Cavil WA, USA

RK Cavil lives in the PNW area with his current hyperfixations.

Ryan Nielsen WA, USA

Ryan Nielsen (he/him) is a queer/trans Midwest transplant that moved to Seattle in 2006. He has enjoyed writing from a very early age. When he isn’t writing, Ryan enjoys eating candy, watching EastEnders, and dressing up in latex outfits with his partner to do ordinary everyday tasks—his favorite is grocery shopping.

Shana Graham FL, USA

Shana Graham is a writer, producer, educator, and somatic sex and relationship coach. Her work has appeared in Cimarron Review, Witness, The Los Angeles Review, CRAFT, and others. Shana also creates living stories in the form of large-scale events filled with music, madness, artistry, and general mayhem. You can find her at at

Shane Guthrie WA, USA

Writer of poetry, prose, sometime smut. Painter of landscapes, comedy, sometimes smut.

Strawberry WA, USA

Fat, queer, kinky woman understanding her experiences through writing.

Sumu Tasib WA, USA

Sumu (Su) Tasib is an author and scientist living in Seattle, Washington. A Boy Named Su is their first book, a collection of non-fiction stories and essays about their journey with genderqueerness. Sumu is a 2023 Jack Straw Writing Fellow and won the 2023 SEAF Literary Editor’s Choice award. More information is available at

Teeebone WA, USA

Teeebone is a long time member and volunteer of the CSPC. In the Spring of 2022, he began writing humorous erotica for Wicked Wordplay, an online CSPC discussion group, after being inspired by Chuck Tingle.

Waarlowe KY, USA

Waarlowe lives with more animals than humans. But he loves the human female form. In his spare time, he goes skinny-skiing and to bullfights on acid.

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