Installation Artists of the 2017 Festival

2017 Installation Jury

Andrew Moran – Installation Curator
Leila Anasazi – Exhibition Curator
Trouble – Visual Art Manager
Sophia Iannicelli – Festival Director

Installation art is meant to be powerful, transforming your perception of space and evoking complex emotions.  Our jury-selected installation artists are providing guests these experiences. We are pleased how they bring unique, sensual, creative experiences to this year’s festival. These experiences range from sensual explorations to thought-provoking pieces. The majority of our installations have an interactive component. You are invited to engage with the art to your level of comfort.

We are really excited about what our installation artists have in store for you, and can’t wait to get you inside SEAF. Get your tickets today to see these wonderful pieces in person.

2017 Installation Artists and Selected Works

Miss Indigo Blue

Pastie Making Station & Tassel Twirling Flash Mob (Saturday only) – A chance to make yourself tassel pasties and learn to twirl them to join Miss Indigo Blue’s flash twirling mob on Saturday night during the dance party.

Me By Me

David Peterman

Me By Me – What do you think you look like naked? Me By Me gives you the opportunity to draw a life-size nude self portrait and then pose next to it. All drawing skills — from stick figures to finely detailed masterpieces — are welcome.

Thomas Park

Peep Show – An homage to the racy mutoscope flip-movie players of the 19th and early 20th centuries, a staple of licentious penny arcades and brazen movie houses, once decried as a “an audacious and shameless tool for the corruption of gentlemen and youth”. In this installation, the viewer is invited to step into the perspective of the photographer, by viewing a series of videos projected on the focusing glass of an antique film camera – much as the photographer would have interacted with the model.

Wakuda & SeattleShibari 

Future Tense – The balance of Asian art in traditional and futuristic aesthetics will be present in multiple ways: The torsos will be painted as tech/anime bodysuits with Japanese tattoo style adornments. Over these paintings, each torso will each be tied in a different classical shibari style to complete the design of the ‘bodysuit.’

Peter Thoms

Love You To Pieces – An interactive steel and ice sculpture.

Vee Chattie

How Much? – An interactive performance piece exploring the value of intimate labor in a criminalized industry. 

Big Red Ladder

Mariah Carle

Big Red Ladder – An interactive mobile of white lights that slowly changes to red every time a piece of the visual art exhibition is sold. Upon the sale of a piece of art, a docent or patron will ascend the Big Red Ladder to replace a white light bulb with a red one.

Little Black Dress – Little black dress, covered in sequins, sparkle, paillettes. Not for the pious; each of these paillettes contains nude women & even some dudes.

Body Trust

Better Living Through the Root – Honoring the power of the anus. With respect and loving attention, the anus can be a great source of inspiration and revelation. Through escalating modes of engagement, Body Trust will invite viewers to deepen into their awareness of the anal portal. Self-exploration can include individual coloring anal mandalas and one massive wall-mounted mandala that will be colored ad hoc and collectively by the community of the festival. There will be a facilitated anal gazing meditation circle at 12:30pm, Saturday and Sunday of the festival. Body Trust, a sacred somatic collective, draws on their years of offering experiential erotic workshops to bring into form a meditation circle to provide the most magical transformative mandala for visioning to the very root of our existence.

Theo Galalexis

Aural Fixation – A sonic collage of sexy sounds, ranging from atmospheric eros to blistering lust.

Ronald Simmer

Brush strokes in Rm. 1618

Dancing Clitoris – A springy, soft riding toy in the shape of a human clitoris. Totally interactive.

Ronnie Werner

From Drawing To Sculpture – The process of bringing what is on the paper or canvas into three dimensions is endlessly fascinating and compelling. The artist will demonstrate this process by creating a sculpture at the Festival from drawings and with a live model. These sessions with a live model will be as short or long as needed and the sculpture will be worked on over the course of the Festival. The armature, basic clay structure, and other prep work will be done off site so that the focus of the live work will be in the most interesting details. A limited number of the final cast pieces will be available to patrons as Festival exclusives.

David Steinberg

The Intimate – From 2009 to 2013, David had the opportunity to take still photographs during the filming of videos at — primarily Public Disgrace shoots directed by Princess Donna Dolore. He was moved by what he saw there: seriousness of purpose, respect for both actors and audience, genuine scenes of power and vulnerability, all combined with the uniquely crazy culture of porn video production. The emotions he discovered there — intimacy, tenderness, attention to detail, deep emotional connection — were hardly what he expected at a BDSM porn shoot when he first entered that world. These qualities, together with moments of humor, playfulness, intensity, and absurdity, made these shoots wonderful displays of spontaneous and delightful human emotion ripe for recording with David’s camera. This installation is an automated, revolving slide show of the best 278 of thousands of images from those shoots. Collectively they offer an honest, sexy, and entertaining lens into a world generally closed to outside observers.

Painting Parlor in Aaaahz!

Sabina Boehm

Glass Corsets For The Season

Erika Kapin

Open Photo Project – The Open Photo Project uses photography, audio and text to present the beautiful, complex lives of consensually non-monogamous people. By showing the domestic details, hobbies, and daily activities, this project offers a look at the uniqueness of human relationships. It is an invitation to re-examine preconceived notions of successful, sustainable, and healthy romantic love.

Rm. 1618

Whether you are perplexed by the very notion of erotic art, or you are erotic art, join forces with those of your ilk. Open up to making erotic art where you haven’t before – and grow a community, for the duration of the Festival, and beyond. Rm. 1618 is the place to spark your heart and tantalize your bits. Feel welcome to wander in and explore.

Center For Sex Positive Culture

Photo Booth – Because you are art, we offer you the chance for a mini-photoshoot to document your fabulousness.

Andy Cargile

Aaaahz! – Our sensual exploratorium where you can interactively experience a curated collection of erotic treats. Aaaazh! was first introduced at our 2016 festival to the delight of many attendees. We’re bringing the experience back this year, complete with all the activities you love, and a few new surprises to keep you on your toes.

Michael Rosen

A Tribute to Charles Gatewood – One of the five founding SEAF Masters of Erotic Art, Charles Gatewood died on April 28, 2016, at 73. To honor him, we’ll be showing a continuous PowerPoint presentation of 200 images chronicling him from his earliest triumph – photographing Bob Dylan in 1966 in Stockholm – to many recent digital photos.

Included are famous pictures from Wall Street, Sidetripping (with William Burroughs), Forbidden Photographs, True Blood, Messy Girls and from many other projects. He photographed extensively at the Hellfire Club in New York, at Mardi Gras and the Folsom Street Fair. He was known for his voyeuristic eye that delved deeper and deeper into the worlds of fetish, kink, and body modification (and, in particular, the “modern primitive” movement). Much of his later work involved women engaged in a wide variety of kink, from bloodletting to food play. Through his art, and his stint as a photographer for Skin and Ink magazine, Gatewood helped normalize the outre scenes that interested him, bringing tattoos, piercings, and fetish gear into the lives of a more mainstream America.  Charles Gatewood was truly a giant.

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