Last Day of the SEAF2018 Call For Art

Attention all amazing artists! Today is your last day to submit to the 2018 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. You only have until 11 pm Pacific Standard Time to get those submissions finalized, so if you don’t know what time that is where you live do a quick google search to find out, something like “what time is 11 pm Pacific Standard Time in relation to blankity-blank time?”

Finalize your submission

Make sure your Artist information is complete and correct. Your legal name, your professional name (the one we share with the public), your bio, the title of your piece, and all that relevant jazz. Make sure you upload images for only one piece of art per form. If you have a 3 dimensional piece of art to submit, check the box next to 3D to get the option to upload detail images of the same piece of art. All by 11 pm Pacific Standard Time.

If you have questions that aren’t answered on our FAQs page you can email questions to our Artist Liaison until 11 pm Pacific Standard Time. if you need to talk to a live human, our faithful volunteers are answering phone calls at (206) 229-2185 until 10 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Unless, of course, you are a performer with an Interactive Performance Art proposal then disregard this entire message because you have a different deadline. For all the rest of you wonderful erotic art makers, get to our Artist Portal by 11 pm Pacific Standard Time and make sure we get your super sexy art!

Good luck!

Submit Your Art!