Losing Our Fig Leaf

You may or may not have noticed that the Festival has a new logo. Please allow us to share this year’s festival letter from the Director and Headmistress to illuminate the idealism behind this small, but pervasive, change.

Fig-leaf-falls-editThis is the year that we lost the fig leaf.

The hallmarks of modesty are limits. By definition, modesty can be “the quality or state of being unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one’s abilities; of being relatively moderate, limited, or small.”

Limited is not what we want for our festival. And limited is certainly not what we want for you.

So this year we’ve created a festival specially designed for discovery, exploration, and evolution. We want you to find something unexpected around every corner.

We want you to experience the thrill of curiosity and to marvel. We want to give you a place and the permission to reclaim the innocence of childhood, the time before acquiring the impositions of modesty.

Let’s all discover who we can be without the limitations our society presses upon us.

leila-sophia2013We’ve taken off the fig leaf. Please join us in realizing new possibilities.

Yours in wonder,

Sophia Iannicelli and Leila Anasazi
Festival Director and School Headmistress of Rm. 1618


(Featured art: “Desire of Gratification” by John Osgood)