Meet the 2022 Visual Art Jury!

Hello Artists and Art Aficionados! The Call for Art is underway, and we are ready to introduce the 2022 Visual Art Jury! Our jurors come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, united by not only their love of art but an understanding of the importance of seeing the erotic reflected in art.

Patience Zero (he/they) is a transmasc lover of erotic art with a rich volunteer history. At SEAF, he is known for his dramatic presence behind the bar and in front of the gallery walls, succeeding as one of the top docents from 2017-2019. Volunteering at the Center for Sex Positive Culture, the Sex Worker Outreach Project, and the Center on Contemporary Art filled his nights and weekends while he completed his BA in Art History at the University of Washington. While he is finishing his Masters in Anthropology down in California, Zero is pursuing their love for bones, miniatures, and fiber arts.

Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti (she/her) had long been a fundamentalist Christian who planned to get married before having sex; she left the church at 25 (in the 1970s) and began to experiment sexually. In 2015/2016, she joined Allena Gabosch in speaking to Human Sexuality classes at Highline College and then joined the panelists for the Pan Eros Foundation’s “Sexploration.” In 2017, Gloria created her first workshop called “Transcending Shame,” which she had the privilege of presenting all over the U.S. and parts of Canada. Gloria has been a member of the CSPC since 2006 and has volunteered more than once in the Festival Store at SEAF. She currently co-hosts two online discussion groups for the CSPC. Finally, Gloria has worked as an artists’ model since the mid-1980s, which has been valuable in shaping her appreciation of so many varieties of art; she looks forward to becoming more actively involved in the art world, especially erotic art.

Anna R Hurwitz (she/her) is an art instigator with a background in interactive installation and performance art born in the wilds of the Williamsburg, Brooklyn waterfront in the late 1980s. She moved to Seattle in 1998 and in 2002 was invited to join SEAF as one of the jurors for the first festival. Within a few months, she stepped into the role as the founding Festival Director and continued to lead SEAF until 2010. Anna currently works as an archivist and enjoys helping to preserve the creative legacies of artists and arts organizations. She’s delighted and honored to return to SEAF as a juror for the 20th anniversary celebration.

Stasia Burrington (née Kato) (she/her) was born in Texas, grew up in Montana and now lives and works in SeaTac, WA with her favorite people and two cats. She is a full time artist/illustrator, and has exhibited with the Seattle Erotic Art Festival for over the past 10 years. In 2020 she was honored with the Master of Erotic Art title. Her passions lie in the arts – in all forms, experimental cooking, camping, psychology and science fiction, fat nerdy science books, coffee and ice cream.

Tallis Salar (he/him) is a Jack of All (IT) Trades who would rather be diving, at least until “space viking” becomes a viable career path. He is also the author of some decidedly spicy science fiction and fantasy, as well as a SEAF Alumni who has had work in the anthology multiple times. Prior to this he spent many years volunteering at SEAF as security and anywhere else he was needed. Tallis loves a good sci-fi, and is happy to explain why “Aliens” is the greatest film ever made. As an Elder Geek, he has been a collector of comic art and illustration for years (decades), and has in more recent years expanded his interests to other mediums. He can be bought with video games, sour candies, and frozen drinks (this is a joke, he can’t actually be bought, but he welcomes you to try).