One week left!

Dear and darling artists! There is one week left to the Call for Art! That’s it! Seven days! I’m not going to do the hours joke this time, I promise. Anyway!

At the stroke of 11:59 Pacific on June 28, the SEAF 2021 Call for Art will be at an end. This is your week to wrap up your final touches and get your submissions in! This is also your week to skim over what you’ve already done, make sure your images meet guidelines, that you didn’t accidentally say it was 23 cm when you meant 23 in (or vice versa), that you named your pieces something other than “Untitled” (short and sweet is fine, use dates, use the primary color, but please title your pieces), and any other final checks. Additionally, don’t forget to submit an item or two to the store!

A number of artists have reached out asking about printing services; understandably, it can sometimes be difficult knowing where to turn to have your erotic art printed. This year, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is happy to offer printing services for artists that need it. We do, however, have a max width of 24″ – if you had been hoping to exceed that, you’ll need to find another printer. We offer printing at $3.12 per linear inch on archival quality paper, and $5.28 per linear inch on canvas. We also offer a discount for multiple pieces if they can be printed side-by-side on the 24″ wide paper.

Though keep in mind, you do not need to print your piece to submit it to the festival, you just need a jpeg or png, and to know its final dimensions. It is perfectly reasonable to wait and see if your work was accepted before making the commitment to print.

In you have any questions about art submission, please reach out to Drea Talley, our artist liaison, at [email protected]. The clock is ticking!