Our newest Master of Erotic Art: Luminous Pariah

Launched in 2012

The Masters of Erotic Art program showcases artists who have been supporters of Seattle Erotic Art Festival and who have made meaningful contributions to the history and development of erotic art. The program initially featured only visual artists, but has since expanded into other realms of art.

Each year, SEAF strives to induct another artist as a Master of Erotic Art. These artists are thence and forevermore featured annually at the Festival, with their work presented in a fashion which honors the artist and provides some education about their history. Visiting the Masters of Erotic Art gallery within SEAF will give you a sense of the history and world of modern erotic art.

Newest Master

We are pleased to induct The Luminous Pariah as our newest Master of of Erotic Art!

The Luminous Pariah; Seattle’s innovative; Adonis is an international interdisciplinary performance artist, night-life persona, and model.

Since 2009, Luminous has toured the US extensively and has performed in over 100 international productions throughout Europe, Australia, and Canada. Lumi not only works as a soloist but as the founder of active boylesque collective Mod Carousel. Mr. Pariah draws upon his extensive background in physical theatre and dance to bring you inspirational and visually thrilling showcases that are designed to celebrate the thrilling highs and questionable lows of the dynamic world we live in. Follow him on Insta and Twitter as @LuminousPariah.

Luminous first became involved with SEAF in 2010. He has since graced our stage numerous times, created interactive performances, and curated one of four performance showcases in 2018. Luminous is a Master of Erotic Art because of the high level of skill in his craft, and as as one Festival alum put it, he “pushes the white, hetero-normative boundaries right off the fucking canvas.”

Luminous joins our 11 other illustrious Masters, listed here.

​Honor at A Black Tie Affair

The Festival will honor Luminous on February 23rd, 2019 at A Black Tie Affair. This annual event celebrates the newly inducted Master of Erotic Art, as well as the Art Activist Society. Art Activist Society members are donor who directly support SEAF. Get more info to become a member of the Art Activist Society, and help us honor Luminous, here. Not only will Art Activists get a complimentary invitation to A Black Tie Affair, they also are VIPs at SEAF!

Congratulations, Luminous Pariah! It is a joy to be able to honor and celebrate you!