Return of the People’s Choice Award

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival, hosted at the Seattle Center’s Exhibition Hall, features multiple amazing interactive experiences that are unique to each year. From a ride-able rodeo clitoris to a circular queen bed that doubles as a human fly trap to breaking the power of labels with a performer. This year for #SEAF2018 we are pleased to announce the return of the People’s Choice Award. This gives you, the attendee, the opportunity to be part of the Festival even more by voting for the pieces of art that impact you the most.

Each attendee will receive 3 tickets when they arrive at the venue. As you peruse the exhibit, keep in mind the pieces that you enjoyed the most. You can then head over towards the Festival Store and participate in the People’s Choice Voting Wall!

Cast Your Vote!

The People’s Choice Voting Wall will have small box for each piece of art on the floor. The wall will be organized and color coded to allow you to find the pieces of art you liked the most and cast your votes. You can put a tickets in 3 different boxes, all of them in one box, or a combination…it is your choice!

If you liked a piece (or pieces) so much that you decided to add it to your personal collection, you will receive an extra voting ticket for each piece of art you purchase! And don’t worry if you forget any of the rules. Our Art Docents, the volunteers with the white scarves, will be all to glad to help you vote.

The artists of the three pieces with the most votes will be announced on Sunday at the event and will be rewarded with a prize.

So buy a “festival pass” before the 31st of March to get the reduced Tier 2 pricing. Over the course of the weekend, track the progress of your favorite piece while experiencing everything we’ve made available this year.

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