Happenings in Rm. 1618 in 2016

Artists, Performers, and Guest Stars


Whether you are perplexed by the very notion of erotic art, or you are erotic art, join forces with those of your ilk. Open up to making erotic art where you haven’t before – and grow a community, for the duration of the Festival, and beyond.

Rm. 1618 is the place to spark your heart and tantalize your bits. Feel welcome to wander in and explore.

The 2016 Faculty for Rm. 1618 includes (in no particular order):

With appearances by

  • Andi and Kaden
  • JuJu Minxxx
  • Rose Adare
  • Theo Galalexis
  • the Teacher’s Pets
  • and surprise visits by the Ambient Magicians

Below are highlights of happenings and presenters in Rm. 1618.

The Chair Project by John Cornicello, featuring Jesse Belle Jones

The Chair Project photo by John Cornicello

“The Chair Project comes to SEAF” with John Cornicello

John Cornicello has a seemingly magical ability for coaxing out and capturing the best in his subjects. When he brings The Chair Project to Rm. 1618, he will share with you some of the technique behind his magic.

This is a session for people on both sides of the camera, photographer and model. You will leave with some new ways of showing the REAL person, whether that person is you the subject, or you are the artist, come learn to call forth the real-ness.

For those who model in The Chair Project at SEAF, Cornicello will be giving you a social media version of one of your photographs, with access to more of your results via the shopping portion of his website.

John Cornicello was born and raised in the New York metro area before relocating to Seattle. He had a studio in Manhattan where he photographed for advertising agencies. It was there he crossed paths with some of the great photographers of the 70s and 80s. He continues to be inspired by the classic portrait photographers such as Richard Avedon, Bert Stern, and Irving Penn.

In Seattle,  you can find Cornicello at many events, deftly capturing the spirit of friends and strangers alike.

Studio Paradiso

“Brush Strokes” with Wyatt Landis

New for 2016 we are featuring Brush Strokes, a painting session designed especially for this festival by Wyatt Landis. He has extensive experience teaching people with wide ranges of experience with art, from none to very much.

Wyatt is the founder and owner of Studio Paradiso in Seattle. He attended the New York Academy of art, where he received his Master of Fine Arts degree in painting. While in New York, he studied closely with contemporary figurative painter, Steven Assael. Since 2005 Landis has worked as an instructor to a variety of art classes at the college level, including introductory and advanced courses in drawing and painting. In 2006 Landis traveled to Norway to study with master painter, Odd Nerdrum, and again in 2009.

Brush Strokes at SEAF has a very limited enrollment. If you are unable to attend, you can still join Landis for classes and open drawing sessions at his Studio Paradiso.

Theo Galalexis

Naughty Haiku with Theo Galaexis

Born atop a piano on a gritty barrio street in South America, Galalexis was seperated from his Armenian mother in his early years of life due to political conflicts and dire circumstances. The pain of loss and a seedy city upbringing honed an insight and proclivity to the bizarre and darker side of humanity. He found solace in writing at an early age and has pursued it ardently since, traveling the globe to discover and reveal psycho-socio sexuality. Winner of Finland’s coveted Pervert of the Year award, Galalexis has written kink for online publications, male and female erotic periodicals and has had several works recognized by SEAF in past years. In 2016, Galalexis served as a juror on the Literary Arts selection panel.

Orbit by Rose Adare

Orbit by Rose Adare

JuJu’s Pastie Palooza with JuJuMinxx

Let “America’s Leather Clad Sweetheart”, JuJu Minxxx coach you in the basics of the art of the strip tease while you make your very own set of pasties! Come watch and get some ideas for the boudoir or just join in on the sexy craft time fun! Craft supplies will be provided.