Introducing the 2018 Stage Performance Curators

Greetings, appreciators of all things erotic! We’d like to take a moment of your time to discuss our line-up of performances which may sway you to purchase a “Festival Pass” simply because this amazing group of artistic minds is not to be missed.

Without further ado, we’ll turn things over to our fabulous Performance Director:

It has been a profound honor and pleasure to serve as Performance Director for the festival these last four years.  The opportunity to work with and showcase world class performance artists in an environment geared toward highlighting art that may not otherwise enjoy the platform it deserves has been a definitive bright spot in my career.  I have learned about the responsibility involved in shaping decisions as to what art is selected for showcase and have come to better understand the need for change in the performance curatorial process.

What I have learned and continue to learn is that the voices and work of underrepresented populations need to be heard and seen in hopes of celebrating difference as core to human beauty and a source of greater richness in human connection.  I have learned and continue to learn that it is my responsibility as director to not only seek how better to feature greater diversity in the performers I select for showcase, but to make sure I am bringing a wider variety of voices into leadership roles shaping how performances work and look at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.  This year, I am honored to continue re-envisioning my role as director to function not as curator, but as someone to facilitate the curation of the festival’s evening showcases by four local performance luminaries I am honored to call my colleagues. I know you will enjoy these formidable artists.

Jesse Belle-Jones, Performance Director

2018 Guest Curators of Stage Performances

Alyza DelPan-Monley believes in the expressive power that can be accessed in the body through movement. Her work has been presented at Seattle International Dance Festival, Cafe Nordo, Annex Theater and Strawberry Theater Workshop. She recently was on the movement design team for Howl’s Moving Castle at Book-It, choreographed Teh Internet is Serious Business, Monstrosity and Straight White Men at Washington Ensemble Theater. She also performs with Cherdonna Shinatra, Alice Gosti and Awaiting Oblivion. Follow Alyza on Instagram @zazaDPM




The Luminous Pariah is a Seattle-based interdisciplinary performance artist.

He tours extensively and has performed in over 100 international productions throughout Europe, Canada, and Australia. Follow him on Insta and Twitter as @LuminousPariah.




Lowa de Boom Boom is a producer, performer, plus-size fancy lady, and captivating witch queen. She’s used her body as a message and a medium since she first took stage as an emcee in 2000 and while this will be her first year curating at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, her presence and work have been featured commanding the stage here before as emcee at Seduction in 2015. The range of her work is a study in fabulous contrasts: bold and subtle, clever and silly, simple and decadent. When not on stage, Lowa enjoys sunbathing and moonbathing in about equal measure.



Namii is a performance artist that collaborates across different art mediums exploring the complexity of sex and sexuality. From Iceland to Chicago Namii has taught workshops, curated performances, and left audiences inspired by their own confusion of what they have experienced. Follow them on Instagram @namiipowers.





Jesse Belle-Jones is a post-disciplinary artist based in Seattle, WA.  She has taught, performed, and co-produced critically acclaimed material at venues across North America and in the United Kingdom.  Locally, her work has appeared at On the Boards, Triple Door Theatre, The Showbox, Teatro Zinzanni, and beyond. Her collaborative affiliations have ranged from UMO Ensemble to Taylor Mac to Carolee Schneemann.  In November 2017, she completed an 11-month artist residency at Studio Current in Seattle, Washington. She served on the inaugural steering committee for BurlyCon in 2007, retiring after a 5 year tenure. From 2009-2015 she was a co-producer and principal performer with Sinner Saint Burlesque.  In 2010 she co-founded the Seattle chapter of Naked Girls Reading, closing after a 7 year run. Offstage, she serves as board president for the Pan Eros Foundation. She has been working with the Seattle Erotic Art Festival since 2009. This is her fourth year serving as Performance Director for the Festival.

You absolutely cannot miss the spectacles these other-worldly performers have created for you! So be sure to purchase a “Festival Pass” while they’re still available at the reduced Tier 2 price. And join us for #SEAF2018!

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