SEAFsome, Take 2!

Hello artists and art lovers! First off, we want to thank everyone who came out for SEAFsome #1! It was beyond amazing to be able to share and celebrate the art with so many people, both virtually and in person, despite these tumultuous times. I hope you’re all excited, lovelies, because this weekend SEAFsome #2 opens!

Two patrons in latex viewing art at Gallery Erato.

We are bouncingly excited to continue our special Pandemic SEAF with the second installment of erotic art. We have been getting the gallery reset this week, getting art up on the wall, sanitizing every little corner, and doing everything we can to be able to present some delightfully juicy art in as safe a manner as possible.

So then, a few reminders about how Pandemic SEAF works.

Keep It Small

In keeping with King County guidelines for the event, our maximum capacity for the Gallery will be 25%. That’s about 35 people for us, including staff. We ask that if you attend SEAF in the company of others your group be no larger than 5 people.

Keep Your Mask On

While in the Gallery, you will need to wear a mask at all times and maintain appropriate distance from anyone who is not in your party. Now you may be thinking, “But we saw people in your photos without masks!” Those were staged shots where the individual in question removed their mask for the picture (while standing more than 6 feet away from a masked photographer) and then immediately put it back on. If you look at the pictures of people just wandering around, everyone is masked up. As always, if you arrive without a mask, we will not grant you entrance.

New Store Items

A whole new exhibit of artists means a whole new pile of goodies for the store! While we will have some items from the previous SEAFsome, primarily books and small sculptures, we have all new prints and other treasures for you to sort through and take home with you. The staff are already putting together their shopping lists, so you might want to get in there quick. No, really.

Thank you for coming out and supporting erotic art in these strange times. We are all eagerly hopeful to return to a bigger, louder, more interactive event next year. However, we feel we have still put together a lovely offering of art, some fantastic online performances, and it is our sincere hope that you will come away from the Gallery feeling better, with some amazing art that gets you excited. So go grab your tickets, and we’ll see you this weekend.