Interactive Seduction

Every circus has its Midway, and the Seduction Midway is full of shenanigans! Allow yourself to be tempted with games where everyone is a winner and experiences that will leave you breathless. Your admission includes 5 Midway tickets for general admission and 10 tickets for Velvet VIP admission. Midway tickets can only be used on the Midway and in the Cigar Lounge. Sorry, your Midway tickets won’t get you anything at the bars.

Look closely and you will notice that most of our Midway elements have their own sponsors and special guests. Get your tickets now to make sure you get your share of fun! And if you decide you want more Midway tickets, don’t worry, you can purchase more from the our saucy ticket sellers. They will be selling tickets for $1 each, or $20 for an inseam or bust measurement. For clarity, that measurement can be taken on you, your ticket seller, or your friend, as long as they consent, of course.


Ring Toss

Lust Arts will be presenting a very special ring toss for all to try at this year’s party: a cock ring toss! Lasso some dicks and you can enter a raffle to win one their flagship products: Frank’s Monster. Frankenstein’s creation may have been packing more than intellect! Inspired by the monster himself, Frank’s Monster can intimidate the faint of heart with his girth and ball size, but is a worthy mate for a lusty evening.

Lust Arts is a small startup of art nerds dedicated to creating quality adult toys. Their toys are designed with a passion for detail, craftsmanship, and safety.


Our version of Cornhole is for a single player who takes a turn throwing bean bags shaped like breasts at a raised platform with a mouth hole in the far end. Win prizes for getting boobies in the mouth hole! One Midway ticket per three breasts.


Tell The Mistress

opening day of the festivalInstead of the usual “Guess your…” Midway games, the lovelies of Velvet Swing have a better idea. Answer a question to get a treat! Prepare your answers for questions such as: What do you desire? What’s the kinkiest thing you have ever done? Does this make my ass look lickable? Answer a question and get treats such as a lipstick kiss from Mistress Matisse, a swat on the ass, or a titty twister. What sounds like the best treat?


Petting Zoo

The Seattle Pups and Handlers Association have gathered up some playful pups and other adorable pets for a petting zoo. Trade your Midway tickets for a chance to pet and play with these cuties in leather, fursuits, or masks. They may even do tricks for treats! Remember, gentle touches only. No touching collars, or tails. Pets will be wearing hankies to give consent about where it is ok to touch them.


Electric Chair

What’s Halloween without a little scare? Come sit in an Electric Chair powered by a violet wand for an exciting experience. This special chair allows you to set the intensity from a whisper of a tingle to and thrilling zap. A couple of Midway tickets and our special technicians will help you get strapped in!


Decorative Bondage

seattle erotic art festival rope art classThe Foundation’s own Women’s Rope Enthusiast Group and the Seattle chapter of Hitchin’ Bitches are bringing the knotty-ness to Seduction! Be prepared to negotiate whether you want decorative or semi-restrictive bondage. Your talented rigger will work with you to give you a pleasingly binding experience. Two Midway tickets for a bondage accessory to your costume that you can take home!

Cigar Lounge

For those of you whose epicurean tastes run toward cigars, you can gather with other aficionados on the rooftop deck. From 8pm until 1:30am, our Cigar Lounge will be a place to indulge and socialize. From 10pm to midnight, the friendly staff of the Cigar Lounge will help you enjoy your cigar with information, lighters & cutters, and even share intriguing and sexy tricks to use cigars in intimate play. VIP patrons who wish to redeem their free cigar can do so with the Cigar Lounge Host.

Please note that the rooftop deck is accessible only by stairs. We apologize for any inconvenience. Cigar smoking is also allowed outside on the ground level, 25 feet away from the front door, on the left side of the Box Office Tent.

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