The Shoe-Down – Best-Dressed from the Knees Down!

Kate Bui, "Boot Therapy"

Kate Bui, “Boot Therapy”

We’re hosting a Shoe-Down!!

We want to celebrate your festive, flawless, foot fashions with a Shoe-Down! A walk-off for footwear. A Showdown for Shoes! On Saturday, May 31st at 9:30pm, our main stage will become the stomping ground for your sexiest catwalk to flaunt your most ferocious feet attire.

Sign up at Shoe Check prior to the event and you can walk it out for our panel of judges: local shoe designer and maker Lily Seville, and musician & stylish man-about-town Loren Beeder. Fancy prizes will be awarded on several categories: Foot-Fashion Forward Style, Presentation, Outfit Coordination, Creativity, Audience Engagement, and all out Attitude & Sass.

The Festival’s dress code encourages style, creativity and sensuality. Within the boundaries of the legal requirements around nudity, you can reveal as much or as little as you choose. But whatever else you may or may not be wearing, well— you know the old song, “You Can Leave Your Hat On?” Well, swap the word ‘Hat’ to ‘Shoes’ and you’ve got the idea.

With the introduction of the ‘Shoe Check’ last year, where you could check in your street shoes at the coat check and switch to your flirtiest footwear, we were truly impressed by the variety of style, creativity and sheer sexiness of what you could see on the feet of our festival patrons. This year, we want to celebrate that by giving you your own fashion show… for your feet!

There will be prizes, recognition and bragging rights for various categories of footwear:

  • Best Boots – Not just made for walking…
  • Sharpest Heels – Put down that stiletto before you cut someone’s heart out!
  • Sexy But Sensible, 2” Heels or less – You don’t have to have your head in the clouds to be hot!
  • Dapper – For the Dandy in all of us.
  • Open – If you think you’ve got something that doesn’t fit in the above categories… Bring It!

There will also be two “Judges Choice” awards given at the discretion of the judges. So get ready to step out in style, and take home some fabulous goodies for your efforts!