The Erotic Movement Lab returns to SEAF 2024

Erotic Movement Lab 2024 poster, hazy image of dancer posing.

Hello, art adoring darlings! We’re getting so excited for the 2024 Seattle Erotic Art Festival and the many activities taking place over the weekend. We have two events running concurrently with SEAF this year. One of them is the 3rd Annual Pan Eros Film Festival (and we’ll be talking about that very soon). The other is the Erotic Movement Lab! The first Erotic Movement Lab was in 2023 and met an enthusiastic reception. We’re delighted to host the Erotic Movement Lab at SEAF 2024.

In the Erotic Movement Lab, we believe that people shouldn’t just view erotic art, they should bear witness to themselves AS erotic art. We believe that self-expression is sexy and pleasure is your birthright. We believe in giving you the space to experiment, play, and explore the canvas that is your body. Join us for two days of workshops where YOU become the art, using sensual movement and dance as your medium. Beginners welcome. We have TWO days of workshops this year; check out our Sunday offerings here.

The Erotic Movement Lab at SEAF workshops are curated as an opportunity for attendees to experiment and experience sensual movement and body play, deepening your understanding and appreciation of the eroticism of your body. We are passionate about providing a safe and exciting experience. Everyone is expected to communicate and be respectful of boundaries.

Workshops for Saturday, Apr. 27th

Intro to Sensual Yoga (11:00a – 12:00p): A gentle welcoming into the world of Sensual Yoga designed for those that are brand new to yoga or already have their own practice. While Sensual Yoga can be many things, in this workshop we will focus on blending asanas (poses) with your own flow and breath to indulge in the moment. This will be a slow practice for time to rest, connect, and explore in your movement. The practice will truly be your own with permission to adjust for your body, your heart, and your mind. Bring a yoga mat and/or blanket. Kneepads recommended. Instructor: Hannah Joy

Indulgent Lap Dance (12:20p – 1:20p): Let’s learn how to mutually indulge in one another through the art of lap dance! This workshop is different than your typical lap dance workshop because we will focus not just on giving the dance but on how to receive it and be an active participant!! You will learn a decadent and erotic movement sequence and your partner will learn how to support you in your dance! This will give you an opportunity to deepen how you connect with your partner and how to navigate one another’s boundaries, and desires! You can bring a partner or be paired up with someone else, we will discuss consent in depth and ensure that everyone feels safe and supported exploring this! We will play with some stripping elements, so layers are recommended. All genders are welcome, wear something you feel hot or sexy in, and please wear pasties if you’re planning on taking your top off, this applies to all genders. Instructor: Eve

Embodied Touch (2:00p – 3:00p): Embodied touch explores multiple bodies coming together to co-create art through movement.  All levels of dance and movement backgrounds are welcome from advanced to no experience at all!  After a consent conversation with your partner, we’ll utilize multiple senses to embody and explore the art that is our bodies. If you’re looking for a gentle, safe space to explore touch and sensual movement with yourself and/or others, this is for you.  A note on clothing: whatever makes you feel comfortable and able to move easily in. Instructor: Jordan

Succulent Striptease (3:20p – 4:20p): Learn fun and sexy ways to strip off all sorts of clothes and find an erotic dance while you do so! We will talk about how to embrace the art of the tease, building tension, finding ways to embrace your unique style of erotic expression, and how to manage a sexy struggle if you get stuck in your clothes!! Please wear layers, with the base layer because something that you feel super hot in! Thongs/ g-strings and jock straps are welcome, we ask that all genders please wear pasties! This is an all-gender workshop! We will discuss consent at the beginning of the workshop and create a safe container to explore striptease in community! Instructor: Eve

Workshops for Sunday, Apr. 28th

Sensual Embodiment (11:00a – 12:00p) : In this Neo Tantra workshop, Lona will take you on a journey through your senses to arrive deeply in your body. You’ll explore liberating breathwork, a 5-senses awakening, erotic sounding, sensual self touch, and primal dance. You’ll leave feeling alive, sensually awakened, and totally embodied! Tantra is about liberation, and Lona hopes to liberate you into the present moment in the body in this workshop. Instructor: Lona

Fcking Filthy Lap Dance (12:20p – 1:20p) : Fcking Filthy Lap Dance explores the dirty, dirty, dirty side of lap dancing.  Lots of in-your-face fun in this class!  All levels of dance and movement backgrounds are welcome from advanced to no experience at all.  After a consent conversation with your partner, participants will learn a short choreography they can take with them or use individual moves in whatever order makes you feel good.  Lap dance pairs will have the option of only one person learning the moves, or to switch and allow both participants to learn.  A note on clothing: whatever makes you feel filthy!  If wanting to incorporate stripping, please bring a top and bottom layer to remove; genitalia and nipples must be covered (applicable to all genders). Instructor: Jordan

Sultry & Seduction (2:00p – 3:00p) : This class will go over our five senses and how to apply them to the art of sultry and seduction. If we can find ways to be present in our bodies, we will find the comfort, freedom and joy to produce an empowered and more confident self. We’ll build autonomy over our body, control over the energy we want to release or keep the senses within our sacred sanctuary. Come in something that makes you feel sexy, ooey and gooey or come just as you are. Instructor: P Nasty

Harnessing Your Inner Feline  (3:20p – 4:20p): This class is how to approach movement through your own personal feline energy. We will go over mythical origins of feline energy to include our instructor’s personal matron spirit Bastet. Bastet is a Kemetic (Egyptian) goddess of cats, sensuality, pleasure, protection, dance and healing. Many of these things fall under movement and performance art. Understanding her energy and how we can tap into it as people will be at the core of this class. This class is about embracing and validating individuality and inner confidence and then applying it onstage through slow burn movements. Although movement will be part of the experience, Harnessing Your Inner Feline focuses more on looking inward and exploring your own energetics around eroticism and sensuality. Along with being a great standalone workshop to support you on your movement journey, this is a wonderful way to close out your entire Erotic Movement Lab experience. Instructor: Judas Saint James