Two weeks left in the Call for Art

All creatives great and small! Time forever marches onward, and we have reached the point where there are only two weeks left in the Call for Art. Two weeks! Fourteen days! 336 hours! Okay, now we’re just being dramatic. Enough of that.

Now that we’ve all had a moment and worked through the inevitable panic over looming deadlines, this might actually be a good time to give you some information on how sales work at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. The festival exhibition sales average 28% – which is higher than any other erotic art festival. We had a previous all time high in 2013 of 32% and we came close in 2017 with 30%. For all that 2020 was a rough and trying year, we managed to surpass our record with 34% of exhibition art sold. Festival store sales are excellent, and a great opportunity for artists who make prints, cards, and other associated merchandise to accompany their exhibition pieces. Or even if you don’t have an exhibition piece! If you make adorable naughty little items all year round, the festival store is the place for your wares.

The first opportunity for art to be sold is actually at the Black Tie Affair, where our Art Activists get a sneak peak at all the art accepted into that year’s festival. During the exhibition, art sales are made by the docents. Docents are volunteers who take on extra hours to review and learn the art, and can be found either at the Art Sales table, or walking the exhibition floor. You can identify a docent at a distance by the white scarves they wear.

Remember, if you have questions, start at our info page over here. If that doesn’t help, you can always contact us via email ([email protected]) or you can call us at (206) 229-2185. Now go forth and submit! Your art. Submit your art.