Announcing Our 2016 Visual Art Awards

The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival honors your creativity and hard work, and our Visual Art Awards serve as a way to recognize the talent we witness each year. We would like to announce the following awards for our 2016 festival:

Foundation Award

Festival committee purchases a selected piece from the exhibition to add to the Foundation of Sex Positive Culture’s private collection.

Juror’s Choice

Pieces selected by our 2016 jury to be their favorites based on a number of factors including emotional depth, creativity, and execution:

  • 1st Place: Invited Artist in the 2017 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival
  • 2nd and 3rd Place: Submission Fee Waived for the 2017 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival

Our 2015 awards included a diverse group of visual art. Juror’s Choice went to Mal Martel (“Flesh and Stream”), Tovah Stevenson (“Isis & Bruce”), and Aeon Stanfield (“Miss Kimeo”). The Foundation Award was given to Sam Vaughan, whose award-winning work is shown below.


Interested in submitting art for the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival? You still have time! Please check out our For Artists page to obtain all the information you need regarding submission instructions, fees, and deadlines.