May I have the envelope, please? SEAF’s 2023 Award Winners

Every year, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is home to the most delightful variety of erotic art to grace a gallery, a screen, or the pages of an anthology. This year was no exception. A number of pieces shone a little brighter, delighted and excited beyond what we anticipated. We would like to celebrate and recognize these works. Join us, please, in celebrating the SEAF 2023 Award Winners.


Our second annual Pan Eros Film Festival brought erotic Short Films from across the globe to the SIFF Center for five viewings over the festival weekend. There was also a continuous stream of the Silent Films in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall.

Best in Show

The Confession by GoAskAlex and Ursinae Vespéral

Best Silent Film

Hunger by Chris Noon

Best Foreign Film

The Little Death by Pedro Lavin

Audience Choice for Short Films:

Coming In by Romane Etienne and Louis Devignes
Taste of Love by Paul Scheufler
Ghost Song by Joseph Keckler and M. Sharkey
Loving by Thibaut Buccellato


The Visual Art Exhibition was delighted to welcome 173 artists for its 21st year. We continue to be delighted and honored to present the work of artists from all corners of the world and paths of life in the festival.

Foundation Awards for Visual Art

Fetish Object by Molly Reusser
A Merry Encounter by Bowie Knight

Jury’s Choice Awards

2022-5392 by Jim Duvall
Dating(?) by Tang
SELFIE:ƎIꟻ⅃ƎꙄ by T. Erin

People’s Choice Awards

The New Age by Ryan Heitman
Real Angel in Bethesda by The Dirty Archangel
Hot/Water by Chthonic Photography


This was the first year we offered the Foundation Award and Editors’ Choice Award to our literary artists. We are delighted to include Literary in our list of award winners.

Foundation Awards for Literary Art

Aflame by VB
11:30 by 7
Waitress Contest by Shana Graham

Editors’ Choice Award

One Dick Two Dick by Sumu Tasib
The Unhinged Beckoning by Micah BlackLight

We are so pleased to celebrate these creatives and their works. To all our artists, you bare your souls to us in your work and allow us to share it with the world. Art lovers, your attendance at SEAF makes it possible for us to continue to bring erotic art into the spotlight. Whether on a canvas, a screen, or the pages in a book. The Seattle Erotic Art Festival exists to promote the enjoyment and sale of erotic art. You all make it possible.