Visual Artists of SEAF 2018


Seattle Erotic Art Festival is known worldwide for a comprehensive collection of international fine art celebrating the diversity of human sexual expression. The incredible creativity with which artists approach the subject of erotica is captured in all manner of visual media: painting, photography, sculpture, assemblage, prints, mixed media, and more.

We are proud to present world-class visual art that is rarely seen in mainstream galleries and redefines boundaries in exciting new ways. Get your tickets now to see this expansive collection in person!

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Masters of Erotic Art

This is the Festival’s highest honor. The Masters of Erotic Art program showcases artists who have made meaningful contributions to the history and development of erotic art. The 2018 showcase will include:

Les Souliers by François Dubeau

Barbara Nitke
Betty Dodson
Charles Gatewood
David Steinberg
Ellen Forney
Jim Duvall
Michael Rosen
Michele Serchuk
Miss Indigo Blue
Paul Dahlquist
John Santerineross

2018 Invited Artists

Stasia Burrington
The Art of Allan Carandang

François Dubeau
Hiba Jameel
John-Franklin Koenig
Kato D.

2018 Juried Artists

Pius Moon
Natasha Andaz
SensuaLight Photography
Chris Blakeley
Sculpture By Claudette
Tatyana Brown
TP Hughes
Matthew Mary Caruchet
Floyd Chapman
Charlie Noble
Gene Clements
Seattle’s Dreamcaptures
Matthew Cote`
Mani C. Price
Allen Cutler
FreeForm Studio
Laurent Davis
Bear Dancer Studios
Natalie Doud
Olivier Duhamel
Franci­sco D.
Angelina Elise
Duo Réves
Andy Farnum
myndzeye Photography (a.k.a. FANFetica Photography)
Joe Davis

D. Keith Furon
Glynn W Galloway
Brian Gilmore
Sondra Goodwin
Jim Graham
Hooligan Lili
Mike Graves
Christopher Gray
The Frown Clown
Sara Riches
Beth Hammer
Douggie Darko
Gretchen Heinel
Uan T. Wilk
Lorrie Kim Herranz
Poisoned Apple
Jim Duvall
John Ilg
jackson photografix
Stella Polaris
kelsey jacobsen
Jeff Jeffries
Jennifer Jigour
Igor Kaskinskiy
Vex Maron
Matt Geiger
Koray Kocaturk
Scott Kuehner
Joseph Lambert
Xristian Young
Mortimur K
Valerie Lodi
Rod MacDonald
Chris Maher
Joseph Mays
Lisa McCleary
Dana McGlocklin, Urban Utopia Photography
Cathy McNew Metschar
Christopher Mooney
Jason L Morrow
Royal Phoenix
Rosemarie Oakman
Diana Jean Oliphant
Dennis W ONeill
Debi Oulu
Pasta Art
P. Wing
K Allen
Joseph Philipson
fotografie randall
3D Perceptions
Edward Reed
AJ Rogers
Inna Rohr
Michael Rosen
Gerald A Roulette
Heidi Rounds
LPG Creative
Bronwyn Schuster
Hair Spun
Domina Scorpia
Chris Sheridan
Russell C. Smith
Billy Spain
David Steinberg
Jaren Steiner
John Stekl
Boundaries Project
Vilèm Stosek-Hamzsek
Theresa Strauss
Todd Sullivan
Sarah Symmonds
Alan Tchochiev
Emily Anne Thomson
Evoë Thorne
David Michael Lamont
Unfold Project
Eric Wallis
Regina Wells
Ronnie Werner
Syniva Whitney
Madame Umbra
Lee Worthy
Bianca Wright
Chthonic Photography
Olga Zavershinskaya

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The 2018 Seattle Erotic Art Festival takes place April 27th-29th. Tickets are now available!

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