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#MakeSEAFGo: Be a Volunteer!

Some of you are so excited about the Seattle Erotic Art Festival this year that you’re looking for any and every means of entry into our little world of fun. For those who want to lend a hand, we have an array of volunteer opportunities available! Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, jack of all… Full Article »

The “Magicians” – Ambient Performances of the 2016 Festival

We are delighted to present another set of talented performance artists, with a knack for pleasing the crowd with their impromptu acts. Read on to learn about the “Magicians”, our ambient performance troupe returning to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival for another round of erotic fun. The Ambient Performance Experience… Small, organic performances that seem… Full Article »

The Adare Experience

Introducing the evocative art of Rose Adare, The Adare Experience presents classical portraits of inspiring counterculture icons challenging everything from love, sex, and gender, to body image and personal expression. An amazing collection, the Adare Experience also includes Adare’s full length documentary, Restraint & Revolution, alongside guest lectures, book readings, and open discussions with sexologist… Full Article »

Beyond Nude: life drawing that’s a bit different

drawing on man in rope restraints

At the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, naked is kind of normal and all, so let’s amp it up. Throughout the festival there will be both scheduled and spontaneous life drawing sessions. We’ll start Friday night with the restraint and tension of strait jackets — can you meet the challenge of seeing the body when it… Full Article »

Art Tours for the Sultry Minded

The art that makes up the Festival’s exhibition is eclectic and dynamic. Each year we invite artists and sex positive luminaries to share their thoughts about erotic art. Each tour offers you the chance to see the art in a different light, either from trivia about the artists, having a discussion, or seeing how it… Full Article »

Performance Artists of the 2016 Festival

Guess what? The 2016 Seattle Erotic Art Festival is just around the corner! Our planning team is working hard to make the experience fabulous, and I just got word about the talented performance artists taking our stage. For those of you who have been to the festival, you know how delectable our stage performances are—this year’s… Full Article »

Brush Strokes – paint-by-numbers grows up

You will create a one-of-a-kind souvenir of your visit to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival when you join us for Brush Strokes. No painting experience nor “artist bones” required. We supply the step-by-step guidance and all the supplies necessary to explore your erotic side. You guide the paintbrush, sipping as you go, and then carry… Full Article »