Countdown to SEAF – 2 days left!

Two days left, darlings!  Two days!  That’s barely enough time to pick out an outfit!  2 days left means we’re talking about 2 nights positively overflowing with performances.  Come on down to the Seattle Center, darlings, and let us entertain you!

Countdown to SEAF – 2 Nights of Performance Art

For years now the Seattle Erotic Art Festival has been know for its performance art as much as its exhibition gallery.  In the same way that we offer a unique venue to artists to display those pieces that stir our senses and push our boundaries, we are also happy to host a variety of performers who also seek to leave us stimulated, not only physically but cerebrally.  So let us take a quick look at what all awaits you.

The Friday night showcases on the main stage, curated by the talented Randy Ford and Isaiah Esqure.

The Saturday night showcases also up on the main stage, carefully crafted by the inspired Imani Sims, Lolo Ramone, and Adra Boo.

The Ascendency Bondage & Aerial Showcase, curated by the delightful Shay Tiziano, on the aerials stage both nights.

The ambient bondage and aerials performers who will be popping onto the aerial stages on both Friday and Saturday.

And finally, our ever evolving and evocative Interactive troupe which will be darting to and fro across the festival floor at all times and all hours, keeping you entranced and guessing.

All of our lovely performers are excited to draw you in and positively shift your paradigm.  Come join us this weekend!

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